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Are You Consuming Pure Water?

Most people know how important water intake is, but is the water you are drinking safe?

The importance of Pure Water

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” Yet while we all know water is crucial for life, we trash it anyway. We believe that water infrastructure is more important than the type of construction material used in the flooring, façade, or fixture used in the bathroom. Without water, nothing matters. It’s part of our life and it’s our life. Water infrastructure is a very important factor to consider when we are buying a home for self-occupancy or investment.

How can polluted water affect my life?

Water can be contaminated with a wide variety of chemicals, pathogens, inorganic and organic matter. Drinking, Bathing or eating food that’s exposed to contaminated water may cause waterborne diseases. This will not only cause pain and suffering but also downtime from regular activities such as work/school and hospital bills. Some long-term diseases are also tied to water. For example, lead in water may cause high blood pressure or kidney/liver issues and pathogens can cause eye pain, blurred vision, fatigue, diarrhea, bloating, headache, nausea, vomiting, high fever.

How will my community be water sustainable?


Recycle & Upcycle

We can recycle water from showers and use for flushing and gardening. We can upcycle the used water and mix with fresh water.


Rain Water Collection

Proper rainwater collection and treatment infrastructure put in place in the community to meet the freshwater requirement.


Sustainable Water

This infrastructure comprises of physical infrastructure, sensors, and decision-making systems for water resource management.

What is Estate.One?

Estate.One is a RERA approved, new-age PropTech firm that aims at connecting communities while easing the home-buying process. We focus on points like water management, cleaner air quality, access to healthy food and most importantly, a diverse vibrant community.


How do we make a difference?

Water Supply:
  • Purified water
  • Recycled water
  • Water for gardening
Water Collection:
  • Rain water from roof top, balconies
  • Storm water from streets
  • Grey, black water
Storage & Data:
  • Efficient data management to monitor usage, resources
  • Multi point collection
  • Intelligent usage

Efficient collection of runoff water, storm water

Purification Systems:

To help in reducing wastage, reusing

Upcycling infrastructure:

Ready to use in case of emergency.

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